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Meet Dr. Willa! Medical director!
Dr. Willa, Board Certified in Emergency Medicine lives on site for greater client care and safety. You can relax knowing that you or your
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Our clients don’t want to leave!
"I don’t want to leave" is the most common statement made by clients. Why? Because Dr. WIlla and her addiction treatment team treat
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A safe and loving environment!
Dr. Willa’s house provides a bed & breakfast atmosphere with more one-on-one counseling and life skills training and at half the cost of

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Current News

September 7, 2010

Dr. Willa's House now offers Transitional Sober Living.

drug rehabTransitional Living is for those persons who have completed drug rehab or alcohol rehab addiction treatment before and want the benefits of a treatment program with the freedom to work at the same time. Clients live on site and can leave and go to work.

Check it Out - We Now Accept Insurance!

August 27, 2010

Please call for Pre-Approval!

alcohol rehabIf you want to use your insurance for detox and/or rehab, our insurance director will contact your insurance company to confirm benefits and seek pre-approval. Our insurance director has 23 years of experience and will do everything in his power to get payment. Call now at 888-508-3371!


I cannot express my feelings and gratitude adequately without being emotional. I have felt so secure at Dr. Willa’s House. Everyone of the staff are wonderful, caring and understanding
Client Discharge Evaluation 1/2/10
Thank you for saving my life. My experience at your facility has been a very valuable lesson and the starting go of my life as a sober man. You have a well rounded program that is very unique in the world of rehabs. God put me in this house for a reason and it worked. I am grateful for the entire staff an plan to stay in touch.
Client Discharge Evaluation 9/6/08
Amazing experience. Would without hesitation recommend this for recovery! A 10 out of 10 rating.
Client Discharge Evaluation 1/2/10
My stay at Dr. Willa’s House has saved my life. It is an amazing place where people are able to heal  and rebuild their life. The staff here is tremendously capable of compassion and strength I feel that I am now a different person and can start my life with a clear and motivated mind.
Client discharge evaluation 9/14/08
I want to thank you for pulling off an impromptu rescue. Staff is remarkable. Ira was very consistent plus comforting. Bully is the bomb – quirky fun personality but very consistent in service. Favorite activates or groups: Art Therapy, Tai Chi and In-House Staff Groups & Walks! Client Discharge Evaluation 1/29/10

Safe Alcohol Detox, Drug Detox, Alcohol Rehab and Drug Rehab!

Dr Willa’s House utilizes many forms of complementary and alternate therapies including hypnotherapy, guided imagery (GI), meditation, neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and emotional freedom technique ( EFT (tapping)) to customize a treatment plan to get at the underlying cause of your drinking, drug use, or eating disorder (ED) and help you maintain recovery.

Safer addiction treatment.

At Dr. Willa’s house, each client will get the Best C.A.R.E. at the Best Price. Dr. Willa and her trained staff will provide amazing on-call 24/7CARE from the time the client arrives, until their departure and even afterwards with the FREE Lifetime Addiction Recovery Alumni Network. Staff members at Dr. Willa’s House are in addiction recovery and can relate to clients in a true sensitive manner that is very effective.

Due to Dr. Willa’s passion for operating the most professional and affordable Alcoholism Detox, Drug Abuse Detox, Alcoholism Rehab and Drug Rehabilitation programs in Orange County, Southern California, most clients don’t want to leave. See and read for yourself (Actual Client Testimonials) what the many happy graduates of Dr. Willa’s House have to say about her alcohol detox, drug detox, alcohol rehab and/or drug rehab programs.

Affordable: Half the cost of hospitals & more counseling!

Do you or a family member need help with…

ALCOHOL DETOX, DRUG DETOX, ALCOHOL TREATMENT, SUBSTANCE ABUSE TREATMENT, and Addiction Recovery Treatment in a safe, clean, confidential, loving, residential, and professional environment?

If yes, please consider Dr. Willa’s House. Dr. Willa is the only physician in Orange County, Southern California who actually lives on site and provides a very personalized residential drug abuse detox, alcohol detox, alcohol rehab, and drug rehab treatment center program under one roof and at the most affordable price.

It has been estimated that you can save at least $250,000 over a lifetime by getting clean and sober and staying sober. Imagine the savings in legal fees and medical expenses, as well as the expenses resulting from job loss, broken marriages, and accidents.

The daily rate is half the hospital price and includes Dr. Willa’s visits. And unlike many other addiction treatment facilities, the longer you stay, the more affordable substance abuse treatment gets. Dr. Willa understands that the longer you stay, the higher the probability that you will stay in addiction recovery.

Dr. Willa’s 90-day drug addiction treatment program costs 50% less than other facilities. Dr. Willa is all about providing C.A.R.E. (Customized All-inclusive Recovery Environment) for you!

Therapeutic: A bed and breakfast atmosphere near the beach.

Just a short walk from the beach and the most personalized one-on-one counseling ever offered by an addiction treatment recovery center, it’s no wonder just about everyone leaves Dr. Willa’s House stating…

“I love Dr. Willa – I wish I did not have to leave Dr. Willa’s House.”

When you, a friend or family member can get the best C.A.R.E. at the best price in a beach surfing community in beautiful sunny San Clemente, California, with awesome staff and a loving doctor who has devoted her life to truly helping others to recover from alcohol abuse and drug use, sobriety and happiness are just 30, 60, or 90 days away.

After the alcohol detox and/or drug detox period has ended, clients at Dr. Willa’s House will be invited to enter the most affordable Southern California alcohol rehab and/or drug rehab program. The addiction recovery program is 30, 60 or 90 days in length. Each client will have a Case Manager and the Treatment Team headed by Dr. Willa, who will customize an Addiction Treatment Recovery plan based on your individualized needs.

The treatment recovery plan has benefits that are not offered at other drug and alcohol treatment centers. The program will be designed to suit your unique circumstances and will address the key elements of recovery: physical, emotional, spiritual, social and nutritional. With your unique needs in mind, Dr. Willa’s team will create an alcohol and drug rehabilitation program that may include: individual counseling sessions, group sessions, problem solving sessions, life planning, lectures, y4oga, meditation, a fitness program, and 12-step meetings.

The first step is drug detox or alcohol detox, and the second step is drug rehab or alcohol rehab. The third step for some is transitional living. The fourth and final step is sober living.

Unlike other Drug Rehabilitation facilities, all four phases include one-on-one counseling and life skills training. Furthermore, Dr. Willa’s house is one of the few substance abuse treatment centers in the United States that can offer all four addiction treatment phases at the same location as well as more intense, personalized addiction treatment, and save you thousands of dollars!

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